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Hello this is my personal website where you can find more about me, what I do, what I like and how to get in touch; feel free to do it always, I’m a very friendly person.

About me

Hi there! This is Samuel Sanchez, a product designer that loves people, cultures and diversity.

As a product designer I love to design digital products that meet current market requirements.

I’m a passionate designer with lots of dreams

I have a strong background in a variety of industrial companies, focus on innovation and cutting edge technologies.


life is about making an impact today

Originally from Spain, I have lived and worked in the US, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and currently in the UK.

I believe that each action and project we can provoke a big impact in the society

samuel sanchez

product design -
my process


Prototyping is at the core of any Product design process.
Starting from understanding the challenge we are facing and the problem that we want to solve to conducting interviews to interpret the results of it.


Wireframing is at the core of the UX UI process. Designing a good wireframe can enable key elements of great importance on our study in order to develop the final digital product.

The fundamentals of Product Design

User Interface (UI) Design is a hybrid role and can bring together concepts from Interaction Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture, and even Front-End Development. The focus is anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use in order to facilitate those actions.

User Interface Design is concerned with the treatment and arrangement of visual elements in order to communicate behavior and information. Whatever product you are designing, you will find that there are a series of universal elements that UI designers use over and over to craft the UI. (ex: search bars, buttons, and menu icons). When designing an interface, it is important to be consistent and predictable in your choice of interface elements.

After years of using digital products, users have become familiar with elements acting in a certain way. When you are creating prototypes, it is important to use elements that users recognize and can predict their behavior, and this is what we have applied to our prototype.

Users at the core of our digital products

Successful UIs let users complete their tasks without ‘getting in the way’. This avoids training and support costs by favoring user engagement and satisfaction. The first step in designing web pages is to learn how the user thinks.

What do users really want? Generally speaking, they want quality and credibility. When people are online, they are typically impatient. They will ‘scan’ the page instead of reading all of the content and they will make satisficing choices instead of optimal choices. To fulfill these goals, UI designers need these elements to build the application screens.

Only taking this points into account, excellence, productivity and connecting aspirations can be achieved.

i bring ideas to life by combining years of experience and
reflective insight
to you.



Problem Solver

Problem solver

Critical Thinker

Critical thinker

Logical Visioner

Logical visioner


Persuasive leader

strategy ANALYST

Problem solver


Work ethic

a creative Mind

Sam really is a great support to any team I have seen him working with!

Alvaro alcazar

my experience

Across multiple companies and sectors:
from winning award academic researches to innovation and R&D top industrial manufacturers and designers

(find out more in: About me & CV)

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